More material details

Type of File
  • Text
  • Software
Linguistic feature
  • Figurative language
    • Idiom
    • Metaphor
    • Metonymy
    • Simile
    • Other figurative language
  • Lexis (vocabulary)
    • Closed class
      • Prepositions
    • Collocations/lexical chunks
Language(s) in which the Instructions were Written
  • English
Material Title or Name
  • Metaphoric Competence (MC) Test Battery
  • This IRIS instrument contains MC Test Battery versions 1 and 2 QUESTIONS and ANSWERS files. Each version of the battery contains nine tests, and items engaging receptive and productive knowledge. For most tests, items were counterbalanced across receptive and productive tests: metaphors used as receptive test items in MC Test Battery version 1 (completed by half the participants) were used as productive items in version 2 (completed by the other half), and vice-versa. Participants were randomly assigned one of these two versions, which were statistically equivalent and the same in all other respects (see O'Reilly, 2017; O'Reilly & Marsden, 2020). This IRIS instrument also contains a file containing the L1 Mandarin and L1 English participants' raw MC Test Battery scores, and a zip file containing the supplementary files (excel/csv data files, R scripts etc.) from O'Reilly and Marsden (2020).

Participants in the study

Participant Type(s)
  • University students
  • Foreign language learners
  • Second language learners
  • Native speakers
First Language of Learners
  • Chinese
  • English
Language Being Learned
  • English